Meet Jennel

Meet Jennel Reid, the creator behind Topaz Couture Designs.

Self-taught and Toronto-based designer, Jennel has been creating and altering clothing since 2012. Although a nurse by background, Jennel’s passion for the industry began when she was residing in Jamaica. In need of a gown for an extravagant dinner party, Jennel, with newly purchased fabrics and sewing machine in hand, created her first design.

She believes that her passion for philanthropy and professional practise in nursing combined with her desire to design serves the ultimate dual purpose: making people look and feel their absolute best. Recently, Jennel has taken a particular interest in designing for plus-sized women.
She recognizes the significance of serving and meeting the needs of all her customers, and continues to emphasize that beauty is beyond size.

As a fellow visionary, supporter and at times co-designer, Jennel’s husband is the brightest light that guides her through both her intimate and industry lives. Instilled in Jennel’s heart, is the notion that she can attain anything. The path to success may be a difficult and at times daunting one, but in the words of Ned Vizzini:

Dreams are only dreams until you wake up and make them real.